It is that time of year again, it is the launch of the Specsavers Spectacle Wearer Of The Year Awards 2014! So do you feel up for taking the title? The concept is very easy, all you need to be is a specs wearer and of course love your specs. Find your favourite and snap away! Then send in a photo of yourself and away you go. So technically this competition should be perfect for all MGAM readers and you DON’T have to be a Specsavers customer to enter! You literally just have to be a specs wearer, love your specs and wear them with style. Everyone always assumes you have to be a Specsavers customer to enter but you don’t so there we go, the myth is now busted and so there should be no excuse!

Also, can I just stress for everyone who enters the competition £1 will automatically be donated to KidScape which is an anti bullying charity. So just by entering you are doing a good deed without even trying. However, if you are chosen by the panel of judges as the winner then check out the prize!

Specsavers Wearer of The Year Award 2014

Specsavers Wearer of The Year Award 2014

The lucky winner will win £10,000 in cash and a holiday to the Bahamas! Yes, that is correct, you will win money and an amazing holiday! So nothing should stop you from entering this awesome competition. There are four age categories – 16-24; 25-39; 40-59 and 60+, plus a Facebook favourite voted for by the public. It isn’t just for the ladies either by the way so don’t be fooled by the picture above, the gents can enter too. Basically as long as YOU LOVE YOUR SPECS! 

This year the face for  Specsavers Spectacle Wearer of The Year Awards 2014 is Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud. You may be shocked like most people and probably didn’t realise she wears glasses but she has done for 6 years! 

Kimberley says:

‘I love my glasses, I like to make a real statement by wearing something bold. They are such a part of who you are and a fun way to express yourself. Everyone should wear their specs with pride! ‘I’ve been wearing glasses for six years. I think I let my eyes get a little bit worse than I should have before I did start wearing them but now I have fully embraced them – it’s a new look for me.’

To enter is simple,  just go to, via Facebook,, or their nearest Specsavers store. You know what, I think I may enter this year just because why the hell not and I am doing a good deed by entering. Anyway good luck everyone! If you win I shall see you at the awards ceremony which takes place in October as I will be there to cover the event 🙂