Father’s day is not that far away and last year I missed it because I was on my epic 3 week honeymoon. Have you all got your dad a father’s day gift yet? If not it is still not too late, you have 6 days to find something and that should be plenty of time (even if you are ordering online). At MyGlassesAndMe we have come up with a small list of gift ideas, we have something for dads who love their specs to something more gadgety. I have to say it is always hard to buy someone a pair of glasses because ideally they should go and try them on for themselves but thanks to Specsavers you can buy your dad a gift card so they can pick whatever they want- great idea!

My personal favourite is the sunglasses clip (for cars) from Red5 because I know for a fact my dad just dumps his glasses anywhere there is room including the the car dashboard.  I know at some point he will end up sitting on them. It may be a cheap gift but it is the thought that counts and in a way you are probably preventing your dad from breaking his glasses and having to spend more money so this could actually be a good investment.

Father's day 2014

Father’s day 2014

One handy tip for you guys, if you do buy the glasses clip for your dad (or just for yourself) then always remember to take your sunglasses out of your car and never leave them inside overnight because the hot and cold temperatures from inside the car is bad news for glasses. The materials will be forever expanding when its hot then when the temperature drops it will contract. Over time this could cause lose screws and lenses may not sit inside the frame properly. Not everyone realises this but you have been warned peeps.

Anyhow… I hope this have given you some ideas as to what you can buy for your dad but hurry because not long to go so don’t just leave it and leave it until Sunday morning because for dads you really cannot get away with buying a bunch of flowers from the petrol station 😉 hehe.