IKEA.. Everyone’s favourite home furnishing shop and a rather successful one too. I for one am a fan, we haven’t kitted our house out all in ikea stuff, only some. It’s a great place for inspiration. When I was shopping the other day I walked past an ikea… me being a curious person I wanted to know if they had lots of space saving furniture. I went in to have a look.

Hong Kong is such a small place and a flat here is ridiculously small. By small I mean a bedroom may just fit in a double bed and that is it… Nothing else, no bedroom furnishings. So I had high hopes that ikea Hong Kong will cater for this. However, I was left feeling disappointed but I did find something else exciting!


A glasses storage solution! Just a tiny shelve that holds about 4 pairs of glasses but I liked it! I am not too sure if they sell it in the UK yet as I haven’t been there for a while but I sure will check it out. It may seem a bit excessive if I buy it here and bring it back. Ha! Also think about the weight limit restriction, I would rather bring back more shoes and clothes than a bit of wood.

Anyway I know this weekend in the UK is the Glastonbury festival so I hope the sun stays sunny for you all and have a brilliant time! I am pretty much in my last week here in Hong Kong, it has been hot, sweaty but fun so far 🙂 have a great weekend all and see you back here on Monday! x