Summer time in Hong Kong air conditioning is essential because without it you will melt! The temperature is at least 30 odd with high humidity and when the sun is out… the heat is pretty unbearable! I am sure all you get the picture. When the air con units are turned on they do produce water and it is illegal in Hong Kong to have a dripping air con. However, air con units are everywhere so it is hard to keep track.

Today as I was shopping away a very annoying thing happened! Some air con water dropped right on my glasses!!! It scared me too as I thought it was bird poo. I was relieved but then I was just annoyed because I had to stop, find my glasses cloth to wipe them, then it smudged all over my lens.


I do wonder how often that happens? I mean this cannot have only just happened to me and there is no way to avoid it. It is just pot luck (or unluck). I have been in Hong Kong for exactly a week now and so far I have learnt Hong Kong isn’t all that “glasses wearer friendly” during the summer period.

Compared to when I was here back in February the amount of people wearing glasses has definitely dropped! I think people may prefer the contact lens option during summer time because
I certainly do and especially since I am not all that used to this climate anymore. It is funny how something that seems so minor can affect how people wear glasses!