I have now been back in Hong Kong for nearly a week and so far the weather is definitely HOT! Just how I remember it from when I used to live here as a little girl. Hot I can deal with but humid… Not so much. You can sweat a bucket without even doing much. All you have to do is step outside the door and automatically you sweat!

Last time I was here was only in February for my own wedding which was of course winter time so the difference is just unbelievable. Last time I was here I noticed a lot of people wear glasses but not so much this time… then I found out why.


Or at least I think I know why. You know in the UK when we go in and out of the cold in winter time our glasses steam up? Well in Hong Kong we have the opposite problem. The outside is HOT and humid but inside everywhere is air conditioned so every time you step out of a shop your glasses lenses just mist up and it lasts a long time. Longer than when coming out of the warmth in the UK during winter time!

I actually timed it once to see how long it took to clear, nearly a minute! That is a long time to not be able to see! That is my conclusion as to why less people wear glasses during summer time. Also because the weather is humid your glasses almost feel like they are stuck to your face, when they are not sliding down your nose! Yuck! Let’s put it this way, during Hong Kong summer time it is almost always at least 90% humidity and may only drop to as low as 70% if they are lucky.