How was your weekend? Lots of things were happening from my understanding. I am still in Hong Kong and the weather here is still hot as ever! Before I went I did say it is not all holiday and I have got a meeting set up. Well today was the day!

My meeting today was with Cheap Monday and yes I did see them during a Specsavers event but I wanted to find out more and see what they do to cater for the Asia market. Me being Chinese I am always fascinated by how the Asia market is so different to Europe and how that may effect the designs.


I am not going to go too detailed in this blog post because I am on holiday after all but just a little preview for you all. Basically I have learnt Cheap Monday don’t design new shapes for the Asia market but the colour choice are more and some are pretty bright and colourful too. Cheap Monday actually sell better over in China compared to Hong Kong because the fashion there are even more crazy and outrageous- they basically like to try anything out.

Then of course not forgetting the fitting of the frame. They have been designed for Asian nose and when I tried it on I can really feel the difference even though my nose is not actually that small compared to a normal Asian nose. There are a lot of interesting facts which I have learnt and I will do a full write up when I am back in the UK next week. Stay tune!