Wasn’t today one hell of a gorgeous day?! I was lucky I was out of office for most of the day to enjoy it. I packed two pairs of sunglasses just so I can change and just because it was so sunny I wanted to make the most of my sunglasses collection!

Today started of with a meeting then I was meeting my friend for a girlie day out because it is her birthday and it’s the BIG three zero! We decided to do a very touristy thing and headed down to Madam Tussauds because my friend has not been there since she was 7! I discovered Madam Tussauds is the best place to spot celebs eyewear up close and personal.

Johnny Depp at Madame Tussauds

I mean the wax models are pretty damn good and I have to say I was pretty shocked by how short some of the celebs are. Then I came across the wax model of Johnny Depp… That was one good wax model and I was curious what glasses he wears but of course I couldn’t take them off to have a look and it was very busy too.

I do wonder if Madam Tussauds uses the actual glasses and clothes from Johnny Depp if so that is pretty cool 🙂