As I have said in my last trip to Hong Kong wearing glasses is a HUGE fashion statement here. Everyone and anyone wears glasses whether they need them or not. So it is only normal for specialist beauty products to come out for us ladies such as make up!

I was out shopping (actually I am always out shopping in Hong Kong. It is a bit of a shopping heaven here). I found some mascara specially designed for people who wear glasses! I don’t read Japanese but the shop assistance told me it will lift our eyelashes more than normal mascara so it helps our eyelashes not to knock against our lenses. Clever!


I didn’t buy some there and then because I don’t really like the way the brush is designed but my cousin told me there are a lot of Japanese brands which do special make up for glasses wearers. I will buy some when I find some that I like 🙂 if they work then great!

It just goes to show how popular glasses are in Hong Kong for make up brands to actually take notice and design specialist products for a niche market. I Wonder how long or if the UK will ever catch on? The fashion for eyewear in the UK is still a tad behind compared to Asia.