Back in early May when we had the first glimpse of summer along with a tube strike Joules eyewear debuted at Vision Express with a launch party and I of course attended to check them out. During the event all press received a complimentary pair.

I took advantage of this because I can always add to my glasses collection. I went for a sunglasses style and turned them into an optical frame because they were funkier, plus the hinges were better too. It was a long wait until I was reunited with them since the press launch. I only got them back about a week before I was due to come back to Hong Kong.


I didn’t get that much time to try them out properly but they are a little loose. So loose that they fall off my face when I look down, not ideal! When I picked my frame up I think the assistant actually forgot to fit the frame to my face properly because she was so busy trying to find another frame of mine. I had two frames to pick up but the second pair they actually glazed the wrong frame.

It is always hectic during an event to try and get everyone’s frames down correctly but never mind. One is good enough- not like I don’t have enough anyway. Haha! Apart from the fact they don’t fit properly I really quite like them… Well at least the look of them anyway. I will give them a proper test run when I can wear them properly 😉