A couple of weeks ago I was at the launch of Kite Eyewear and 2 weeks later I have my very own pair of Kite glasses. I have had them for about a week now and what do I think of them? I LOVE them and cannot get enough of them. I have been wearing them pretty much everyday.  They are extremely light and comfy to wear but being acetate frames with no nose pads they do slide down my Asian nose a bit too often. Our noses are just smaller and where the glasses sit is just too low therefore it doesn’t hold up the frame properly.

Apart from this common issue I have with most acetate frames I am absolutely crazy over them. They are just so comfortable to wear, I went for the translucent blue and EVERYONE I meet always comments on the colour. They are my very first pair of blue frames because I feel it is time to expand my collection further and the blue is not too boyish at all.

My New Kite Glasses

My New Kite Glasses

Excuse my tired eyes but today I have been editing photos all day for issue 6 of the MGAM Magazine but isn’t the colour of the frame beautiful? When I put the glasses on the acetate feels solid and sturdy unlike some frames where you can feel the quality isn’t quite there, but Kite certainly does not fit into that category.

It has only been a week of me wearing them so maybe I will noticed small faults in them after a length of time but I do own quite a few pairs of glasses so I can certainly compare them to other frames that don’t feel as comfy. So far so good and I would definitely recommend you… my readers to grab yourself a pair if you are after a new frame. From the price point to the quality of lenses and from the quality of the acetate to the hinges you really are getting a bargain!

Just some quick facts for you on Kite Eyewear-  the frames are £145 for prescription glasses (or £95 for sunglasses) and that applies to ALL glasses styles in the shop so it is a flat rate.  They use Italian acetate (great acetate!) and most frames uses 5 barrel hinges. Check out their website for a preview.

Go have a look and let me know what you think!