If you have been following MGAM for a while then you would know I have been hunting for a pair of tortoiseshell glasses for quite a while and finally I have found a pair, I love HONG KONG!!! The colour is simply gorgeous and I certainly have not seen anything like them in UK. The reason why I love them so much?! They have a hint of lilac… my absolute favourite colour!

That isn’t actually the best bit… The best bit is they are by my favourite Asian brand m.kenics. They are just the most comfortable things I have EVER worn. The nose pads have an extremely clever design which swivel 360 degrees. I love acetate frames and all their acetate frames have nose pads and are NOT moulded so they fit Asian noses better. They are adjustable nose pads so they will fit a western nose too.

m.kenics tortoiseshell glasses

Today I actually checked out the new range from m.kenics because I haven’t seen them for a while and they are pretty damn hot! The designs, colours and materials are so on trend but again I will do a full write up when I am back in UK because I can talk about them forever! The most exciting range I saw today was definitely their wood imitation range. They looked and feel SO REAL!!! Apparently imitation wood is big in Hong Kong because the weather is so humid here real wood frames will actually go mouldy after wear and tear especially on the nose pad area where it constantly rubs against our skin.

So there we have it peeps, just stay tuned for the full write up when I am back in the UK next week 🙁 booooo! I don’t want to go back. Hehe.