My 2 and a bit weeks in Hong Kong is over and the last few days in Hong Kong were hectic with my friend’s wedding then on the last day I was rather ill, hence there are a few blog posts missing!  Sorry about that! I was so ill I nearly thought I wouldn’t make it on the flight back but I sucked it up and dragged myself on.

So far I have been busy unpacking, jet lagged and going through photos. As I was going through my photos I came across this particular one which I thought was quite a find! I was on the train to meet my friend for lunch and there was a lady sitting on the row next to me. She sat very still, almost like a statue with her hands on her bright orange handbag wearing her massive Prada sunglasses!

Hong Kong Eyewear Spying

One thing that got my attention with this lady was she was probably in her 60s but dressed rather stylish. I have never seen a lady of that age wearing giant Prada sunglasses and carrying a bright orange hand bag with matching jewellery. I do wonder if she has always been a fashion lover? I love the fact that she was wearing such a statement piece of eyewear, I was very drawn to her outfit … not in a creepy way (haha) but I was fascinated.

I do wonder what I will be like when I am older? What kind of lady will I be? I personally believe in growing old gracefully so maybe I would wear glasses that suits my age? Wearing something that suits my age doesn’t mean frumpy or boring looking frames if that is what you are thinking! Just something that is more mature and classic 😉