This time next week I will be back in the UK- booooo! I don’t want to brag but Hong Kong has been pretty damn hot and sunny. When it’s sunny in Hong Kong the heat from the sun REALLY is HOT! Plus the humidity is so high you just sweat bucket loads. I am not going to lie, I have wore my contacts a lot more here because I pretty much only have acetate frames and all the built in nose pads keep sliding off my nose.

When I sweat my nose gets oily and they just slide off my nose… Badly! I really cannot explain how hot and humid it is here, I am certainly not used to the climate anymore. I sweat so much I am sure my pants are wet too. Ha!

Sliding Glasses

I have been wearing this blue Kite frame if I do chose to wear glasses because it is light it slides off slower compared to the other frames I brought back with me. It is funny because when I was packing to come here I never thought the climate could have such an impact on what glasses are suitable.

Yesterday when I met the Cheap Monday team in Hong Kong they said they all wear glasses but during summer time they do wear contacts more for that very same reason. It made me feel a bit better about myself and it isn’t just me, how to overcome this problem is what I want to know and I would like to explore that more 😉