Just yesterday my friend on Facebook put out a “help” type status as he was having problems with his contact lenses. He is a new to contact lenses and I guess in the beginning you may find them a little strange. I certainly did and I constantly thought an eyelash was in my eye. Soon after though, I got over it and went back to my kick boxing class as per usual without feeling like I wanted to itch my eyes every two minutes. I know for some people wearing contact lenses may not be a nice experience and some people may just give up and stick to glasses.

With my friend, I saw him few weeks back and I remembered him complaining about how one eye always seems blurry. He thought it might just be because he wasn’t used to them or his eyes were too dry.  After his Facebook message, he might have found himself the answer with some of the responses he got. He knew he had Astigmatism but his optician obviously failed to tell him that this may cause blurry vision because our eyes cannot quite focus properly.

This was the message he wrote…



Personally I didn’t know what it is exactly and I have only heard of the term so I was curious and did some research. I thought I would share my new found knowledge with you because us specs/contact lens wearers should be aware. Astigmatism happens when the cornea or the “lens” is not perfectly curved and for most people that need glasses do have astigmatism (did you know that?). Our corneas should be shaped like a football but with astigmatism is has an irregular curve like a ruby ball so our eyes cannot focus properly on objects, hence the blurry vision.

In a lot of cases astigmatism is present from birth but of course it can be developed over time especially after an eye related injury, that is why sometimes your opticians may ask you these questions before a routine eye test. How an astigmatism is diagnosed is by a routine eye test. Your opticians will be testing your ability to focus using one of those fancy machines. It is no big deal and certainly not life threatening but it can cause headaches, eye strain and in some cases with children it may slow them down with learning since they are unable to focus so reading could become difficult.

Wearing glasses, contact lenses and having laser eye surgery are the solutions but with contact lenses it may take a few changes in the prescription to get it right otherwise like my friend, blurry vision can still occur. It may be the case of trial and error but people, I cannot stress the importance of getting you eyes tested regularly. It really can help to detect illnesses and at MGAM we are about fashion and eyewear but we also want to promote eye health too!