Yep, what I mean is exactly how the title sounds. My husband and I have a habit of reading each others magazine because it is a good way to understand the opposite sex and you always learn something new. For me that was exactly what happened the other night when I was reading my husband’s Men’s Health. I was learning about beer, such as beer in green bottles are no good because the bottle doesn’t block out UV rays.  Who would of thought UV rays are bad for beer?

This is not it… there is more to beer then we think, there are also health benefits. Yes, I mean as in it could be good for your health to have a pint or two. Beer could be good for your heart and drinking hops rich beer could be good for your kidneys!   However, the one which I was most fascinated by, in the exact words of Men’ Health August Issue “Beer goggles be damned, A daily pint of amber nectar or Guinness can protect your eyes’ cells and reduce the risk of cataracts, says the University of Western Ontario. On that note, we’ll see you at the bar”.

Still in shock and don’t believe me? Read it for yourself…

Mens Health August Issue

Mens Health August Issue

Believe me now? However, notice how they say a pint so it doesn’t mean drink 10 pints and you are 10x more protected. I am pretty sure all of you have probably heard of the term “everything in moderation”, I think that is the key here. We all know the damage drinking excessively can cause. I myself probably used to drink way too much during my uni days and looking back now I don’t even know how my kidneys coped, I am shocked they are still functioning.

Ladies… perhaps it is time we took up drinking beer? It seems like gents do drink beer for a good reason, their secrets are out! Thank you Men’s Health and thank you husband for buying it and letting me have a read. Bar owners… if you suddenly have an increase of ladies buying beer… I would like to take full credit for that 😉 hehe.