So far the UK has had an amazing summer- right? The sun has pretty much been constantly shining so it is only too right that eyewear brands are trying to keep up with this glorious weather and bring us some new sunglasses styles to go with our summer wardrobes. For my overseas readers I cannot express how depressing UK Summer can normally be.  In previous years we mainly saw grey skies and rain. Oh and by the way, come winter, we also only see grey skies and rain but maybe with a little snow too. It can get rather depressing. So us lot in the UK do brag about the sunshine when we see it as it is a rare sight for us all.

For summer 2014 Ray-Ban are giving us colour changing sunglasses. You know with kids jewellery you get colour changing rings and necklaces that change with our body heat? Well Ray-Ban has developed something fairly similar and it is in a form of sunglasses. So how does it work?

Ray-Ban Colour Changing Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Colour Changing Sunglasses

To put it in simple terms a special coating has been applied to the frame.  The lenses also reflect different coloured light according to how bright or dim the sun is.

Here is the techie bit… the lenses are made of silica micro-crystals and are coated with highly-refractive metal oxides which, depending on the power and angle of light, produce various colour shades which blend with one another to produce a “liquid” finish, with a thousand different nuances, never seen before. The frames also undergo the same coating treatment and so respond to sunlight, hence they will change colour throughout the day since the brightness of the sun varies during different times of the day.

It is pretty impressive stuff hey? This pair of colour changing Ray-Bans will definitely give you a different look at different times of the day but be sure to wear something bright to go for the clashing look. If you can’t do colour matching then you might as well join in and go clashing crazy ;). Now here are the important information, this Colour changing range (the Iridescent colour collection) from Ray-Ban costs £143 and it is available at Sunglass Hut and they come in 5 different colours.