If you are on Facebook you may have noticed a few links to things called “useful life hacks” or “beauty hacks” and you know what I have been clicking on those links and having a read to see what I can learn. I have to say I have learned a thing or two, some are rather useful. Who ever come up with those hacks- I salute you!

This got me thinking about hacks for us spectacle wearers because there isn’t much out there. So I have been rattling my brain thinking of some glasses related hacks and lets face it unless you actually need glasses to see you are not going to understand the needs for us specs wearers. I have come up with 3 ideas.  See if you agree with me and find them helpful at all.

Glasses Hack 1 - Magnifying Mirror

Glasses Hack 1 – Magnifying Mirror


Here it goes…

Glasses Hack 1

For us ladies, when you are applying make up and you are short sighted it is worth investing in a magnifying mirror so you can actually see what you are putting on your face and help avoid touching your nose against the mirror because you are looking so closely.


Glasses Hack 2

When you are trying on glasses and cannot focus properly in a mirror don’t be afraid to get that phone out and do a quick selfie. You can see what those glasses look like on you and you can take your time looking at the image without hogging the mirror!


Glasses Hack 3

This one is if you have particularly bad eyesight!  In the shower and can’t see a lot? Some of the products look so similar in blurred vision!  It may be an idea to draw a symbol of some kind on the bottles in different colour nail vanish so you know which one is the shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. Your vision maybe blurred but you can still tell the difference in the colours!


If you have any useful glasses hack then please do comment below and share with other wearers because there really isn’t enough out there!