You are probably thinking that is an odd title for a blog post but Tony Moly is a Korean beauty brand that I discovered when I was back in Hong Kong. I am one of those people who is forever looking for “the” concealer for my eyes because I am pretty sure those dark circles just keep on getting darker as I am getting just that little bit older. When I was younger I never thought I would need to worry about dark circles, even when I was at uni and only slept for about 4 hours due to a lot of partying (ahem… I meant studying mum, dad if you are reading).

As I was approaching 28 back in 2012 I started to notice bags and dark circles are more prominent (to my horror!). From then onwards I was on a hunt for “the” beauty product to use and you know what… I never found anything that I have been completely satisfied with. I know I will never have teenage skin again and I have to face up to it but I just want the dark circles to be a bit more covered so I look less tired all the time.  Then along came Tony Moly…

Tony Moly Eye Brightening Balm

Tony Moly Eye Brightening Base

I walked past the shop quite a few times during my Hong Kong trip and their panda eye care range really caught my eye because ALL the beauty products were in a panda themed plastic cases. However, what actually made me go in was the fact my sister-in-law is obsessed with pandas. I thought I would treat her to some pampering products since she was pregnant at the time. Everything was so cute that I ended up buying two so I had one as well!  You know what, from that day onwards I was in love with the panda brightening eye base from Tony Moly.

I actually found the eye base to be the best product I have ever used to cover my dark circles. The base colour is white but once you dab it gently on your eyes immediately look brighter and to finish off you just need to dab some loose foundation on and tart-daa, bye bye dark circles! At the moment Tony Moly is only available over in Asia so I am panicking already because when I run out they are not even available to buy online- Ahhhhhhh! As far as I am concerned for us specs wearers eye care and eye make-up are the most important things. Finally I have found my beauty hero from Tony Moly!