Carrying on from yesterdays Men’s Health theme I have read another interesting fact. Meet the new 21st century version of short sightedness- the screensightedness. I think the name pretty much gives the game away or at least gives you a massive clue as to what it could be.

Nowadays we increasingly rely on technology to keep us going on a daily basis. Put your hand up if you cannot live without your phone? Your phone is no longer a device which simply makes calls and send texts, it has become a device that can keep us connected with the world 24/7, it has become a device that can help us navigate to our destination, it is a device that can entertain and it is a device that can control other devices in our homes and at work. You get the picture, so as we are using our phone more and more but are we putting our eyes health at risk?

The answer is simply YES!

Mens Health April Issue

Mens Health April Issue

A lot of people (and probably including myself) probably do not realise how close we hold our phone. Bearing in mind most phone screens are pretty small too so your eyes are really focused on something small, at a very close distance so you are straining your eyes in the process. It has been recommended that you should hold your phone arms length away from your eyes but many of us probably don’t follow that guildline.

Someone has once told me that people who live in a city are more likely to be shortsighted due to the fact everything is closer and quite dense. I do wonder how true this is. Does seeing things closely all the time make us more prone to be shortsighted and is that why so many people in Hong Kong wear glasses because that is definitely one jam packed small city. Either way peeps, there may be some truth to this so the key is take care of your eyes and do the eye exercise especially if you stare at a computer screen all the time!