The other day on Facebook I came across a link my friend shared on because someone he knew was selling some “Special Forces” sunglasses. I was curious, so I clicked to see. Looking at the image they really look like a pair of normal plastic frames with a rectangular cut out of black cardboard stuck to the front. Lol. If you don’t believe me then check out the image below.  Can anyone shed some light on these?

After looking at these I was interested to find out about Special Forces Sunglasses. All the ones I have managed to find are all very sporty looking which mould around your face so they block out dust and any sun rays that could get in from the side.

Special Forces Sunglasses?!

Special Forces Sunglasses?!

Obviously I have no knowledge at all in the area but I mean seriously, come on… look at them. They do look like black cardboard cut out that has been stuck to the front. I simply do not understand how they would work and what their design purpose is.

For arguments sake, say they ARE “real” are they the very old style special force sunglasses which are now made redundant because of all the new moulded styles that have taken over? Are they a vintage historical piece?  Or is it someone having a laugh?

If any readers out there could share any of their knowledge on these then please do comment below because I really have no clue. lol.