I know this is day three of me talking about Polaroid (and no they haven’t paid me), I am just spreading it out because if I wrote it ALL in one blog post you lot might nod off halfway through and hit your head on the keyboard… yawn! After a press day normally all the press that attends gets a goodie bag and I did too.  Brands do that so journalists will get to try their product, like it and hopefully become a fan. I am not new to Polaroid sunglasses, I actually have a pair from 3 years ago but I did stretch them by accident during a holiday so since then I have not worn them. This was my chance to remind myself what Polaroid is all about.

Luckily for me for the past 3 days there has been some majorly gorgeous sunshine in the UK, plus I was driving a lot yesterday going from meeting to meeting so I got to test them under driving conditions too. What do I think of them? Well, I dug out my old ones just to compare and I do feel Polaroid has improved their lenses further which is good because you don’t want to stand still in a business with so much competition.

My Polaroid Sunnies

My Polaroid Sunnies

First things first, under normal condition like the photo above I thought they were pretty good because I was practically looking directly at the sun light hence the slight quilting. With normal sunnies I wouldn’t dream of looking directly at the sun, infact you really shouldn’t be looking directly at sun light full stop but for the sake of testing I did. They were certainly great at protecting my eyes and my eyes didn’t feel strained at all, I felt I could of looked at the sun for longer but of course I didn’t! Yesterday whilst I was driving around I had them on too and they were great! I personally find they are better than any other lenses I have tired under the bright glaring road. You know sometimes when you drive the sun is so low and bright that it just reflects off the road, it is a real strain on the eyes. Well, not with Polaroid sunglasses. That is just how I feel personally but then again I haven’t tried every single lens brand out there so I could still be proven wrong and again it is a very personal thing too because everyone’s tolerance levels to sunlight are different.

My dad for an example has mega tolerance of sunlight. When he drives and the roads were reflecting badly he still thinks it is ok but whereas me I need my sunglasses so I am just giving you my own thoughts. You will have to test them out yourself but I do strongly believe that Polaroid are the best sunglasses for glare on the road. The sunglasses I had are around £60 retail price so it is their basic range with no special hinges and the plastic of the frame felt ok, I wasn’t crazy about it and I definitely have had better but for £60 and how good they are under sunny driving conditions I would say it is worth giving it a go as I doubt very much that sunglasses for much under £60 could offer you the same level of protection.

Oh yeah as you may have notice from the pic I am standing right outside my garden office 😉