I have not been to V-Festival for two years running now because last year was the wedding and this year I just wasn’t all that mad with the line up but whenever I used to go I always had fun. I have been busy over the weekend with various family gatherings so it was only today when I had the opportunity to catch up on all the V-Festival 2014 gossip, images and fashion! The weather was ok over the weekend, not the warmest or the sunniest but at least it didn’t rain. Despite not being that sunny, judging by the photos I have being going through on Look.com all the celebs still wore their shades.

On Look.com they had about 50 photos of V-Festival and Miss Pixie Lott (hooray for the local Essex girl!) stood out to me the most because she must have had about 3 different pairs of sunglasses to go with different outfits. My favourites were these (see below which is image 13 in the Look website).

Pixie Lott Sunglasses V Festival 2014 - Image Source: Look.com

Pixie Lott Sunglasses V Festival 2014 – Image Source: Look.com

I love the cute cat eye design, it is quite a nice touch on metal frames I think and it definitely worked with her very gold outfit. I wonder where they are from? I am unaware of any eyewear brands doing such designs but I do know a few high street chains have that style available so I do wonder if they are a high street buy? Either way I love them and you lot get wearing those awesome sunnies before the grey gloomy UK winter weather really hits us BADLY because as I am writing this the weather suddenly turned grey and now, it is raining. I already feel like summer is long gone.

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