If you one of my regular readers then you will probably remember I became an auntie at the end of July which seems so long ago now but it was only couple of months. Now 2 months on, my niece has grown a LOT so it is safe to say she is one healthy baby and carrying her is becoming a bit of a workout itself. Lucky my brother is quite strong but my poor sister in law (who has to look after her all the time), she must have some impressive biceps. She is only a wee 2 month old baby but she can already fit into 3 month old clothes so her wardrobe is slowly growing and becoming even more impressive than mine! Soon my brother will need to build her a walk in wardrobe, not that she can walk yet.

We all know people say babies learn fast and they sure do! I don’t see her everyday but I like to say I have seen her a fair amount considering I live 2 hours away. When she was first born her co-ordination was poor but that is to be expected from all babies, hence they tend to wave their little hands around like nutters! They are just trying to learn how to use them. Now it is safe to say my niece has got the hang of her co-ordination because she now knows how to rip my brother’s glasses off his face!

Babies & Glasses

My niece is probably thinking “well this is a fun game and look I can use my hand to wind daddy up and he won’t even tell me off coz I am so adorable”. I reckon that is what all babies think when they do naughty things like that. However, now seeing this photo I think next time I see her I will watch out for her because sometimes I find with us ladies our long hair can get caught in the hinges and can you imagine the pain of having your hair pulled out as the baby rips your glasses off your face? OUCH!!!!

As much as I love my niece I really don’t fancy having my hair pulled out and I do find finger prints on lenses are quite annoying too even though her little hands are the cutest things EVER. It makes me wonder when I do become a mum what would I do when my baby gets to the age of when they know how to grab things and pull things off such as my glasses? It may get a little annoying if they keep pulling them off because they think it is some kind of game? Either way, I will let you know how to tackle this once I do become a mum, stay tuned….!