Yesterday I was at the Specsavers launch event and towards the end of yesterdays blog I mentioned that I had a photo of my eye taken (it was my left eye to be exact, also known as my better eye). They are the professional artists/photographers who have actually been doing this for years because they discovered that everyone’s eyes are different, they are like our fingerprints. It is true, no two eyes are exactly the same. It may sound strange because you are probably thinking… well you can only get blue, green or brown eyes- WRONG!

For example two people with blue eyes may only look blue from the surface but once you look deeper different layers of colour actually come through to make up the blue. The pattern it creates is also different from person to person. As for me I am Chinese so of course I have brown eyes but once again not all Chinese have the exact same colour brown. My eye for an example is made up of goldish tone with a bit of red and brown but looking at it with the naked eye it just looks brown.

My Eye

My Eye

It is also made up of different layers and patterns so my eye will not look the same as anyone elses. This principle is the same for everyone and the photographer was telling me Asian eyes are the hardest to capture because they are so dark. The lighter your eyes the more interesting they look because the camera can capture more layers. Yesterday I saw some previous examples of their work and some of the lighter coloured eyes do create some truly amazing colours and patterns, so beautiful that it almost looks like art itself.

My eye didn’t have any freckles which is great… yes our eyes can get freckles just like our skin due to sun damage. Some of the other examples they had there contained freckles which isn’t good because our eyes can also get cancer. Remember,  it is very important we wear sunglasses during the summer period but also during winter time when the sun is lower and actually more damaging.

If you are interested to have your eye photo taken then contact these guys.