With London Fashion week just around the corner I think it is only too right to put some focus on fashion. If you follow fashion and have been seeing what the coming trends are for Autumn/Winter 2014 then you may have noticed some bizarre things that will probably make you wonder how they are even “fashion”. You may have come across things such as a Spongebob outfit from Moschino but I think the most talked about is the “McDonalds” look-a-like logo. I actually wonder how they are getting away with that!

If you don’t know what I am talking about then just check out the image below from the Moschino Instagram page. It is basically a bit of a joke about the McDonalds logo and even the colour is practically identical. However, the one thing that caught my eye are the sunglasses!


Moschino- image from Moschino Instagram

The sunglasses are really quite striking and I think as sunglasses they work and don’t look too much like the “McDonalds” logo. Would you wear them? They are quite big so I think I would be worried about tan marks and lets face it, you are only going to wear sunglasses if its sunny so the chance of getting giant tan marks is high, so no thank you!

I think this is definitely the case of fashion gone a bit mad or maybe this kind of fashion is only good for the catwalk as show pieces, not for the mass market. However, I am sure some real die hard fashionista will be wearing it from head to toe and as much as I love fashion I would really rather not look like a giant advertising campaign for McDonalds OR Moschino.