On the glasses scene, things have been quiet, I am not going to lie. So I have been looking forward to today which was a pre London Fashion Week launch event from Specsavers. Within the launch event a few of Specsavers designer brands were showing casing their Autumn/ Winter 2014 collection and the most exciting one was probably the latest designer name that has been added to their portfolio- Karl Lagerfeld. The collection was launched only 2 weeks ago so it is still extremely new.

As well as checking out all the new frames I also had a make over from Armand Beasley who is a celeb make-up artist so my face was in for a treat (or more like my eyes were in for a treat). He gave me some handy make-up tips and told me that I get way too friendly with the blusher so I need to tone it down. He taught me a trick to apply the best eye liner too! I have to admit I am pretty shockingly crap at putting eye liner on and I think eye make-up is important to us specs wearers. However, the best part was Armand giving me a lesson on bronzer! Apparently for us specs wearers it is the most important thing to highlight our cheek bones and around the nose area! Did you know that? I didn’t, in fact I never even use bronzer!

All the make up tips aside, without doubt the highlight of the day was chatting to Gok Wan…

Gok Wan at Specsavers Love Glasses Event

Gok Wan at Specsavers Love Glasses Event

 You guys will have to read the full interview in Issue 7 of MGAM Magazine out in October but I can give you a quick peek as to what we chatted about. I have learned that Gok has an impressive 50 or so pairs of optical glass… yes he has 50!!!! When you add sunglasses on top he has about 80 pairs of eyewear in total and people thought my 20 pairs was impressive. Think again! Gok HATES not wearing glasses because he believes he only suits glasses and looks hideous without. Last but not least he has no regrets with any of his past glasses choices because they all tell a story. So there you are, some facts about Gok which people may not know.  I wanted to ask him more glasses related questions because I can imagine journalists only ever ask him fashion related questions.

It has been a long day for me and as I am writing this I am nearly falling asleep but I wanted to share my day with you all. Stay tuned over the next few days for more info on the Karl Lagerfeld range and some of the other interesting things I have found from various brands. Oh and I had a photo taken of my eyes… yes it does sound strange but it is actually rather interesting. Most people think they either have blue, brown or green eyes but when you take a closer look a lot of interesting colours come through. So my brown eyes are not actually as brown as I thought but that is another blog for another time 😉 night night!

P.S Gok liked my outfit today- score!

P.P.S Gok Wan is style ambassador for Specsavers and the #LOVEGLASSES campaign. Gok’s brand new range of exclusive glasses are also available in store now. Please contact 0800 068 0241 or log onto www.specsavers.co.uk to find your nearest store.