There is always a debate on which is better, glasses vs contact lenses? For me personally they both offer something different and it depends on your lifestyle too. I of course have many pairs of glasses but I also wear contacts as well. It shouldn’t be shocking to you all because I have mentioned this before. For me I find it much easier to wear contacts when I am doing sports and when it is raining (which happens quite often here). I personally find it extremely annoying when little rain drops are on my lenses because they leave water marks. Even if you have an umbrella some rain drops will still manage to make their way onto the lenses! One of my glasses wearing pet hates.

Contact lens technology has come so far since the 70’s and I was reading an article on the The Telegraph which said Leonardo da Vinci had the idea of contact lenses 500 years ago which is quite impressive considering technology back then was no way near as advanced. Even when contact lenses were first introduced to the market they were expensive and not all that great because you are effectively putting thin bits of glass into your eyes. If you were not careful….OUCH! Now, you get daily lenses so if you are lazy you don’t even have to clean them.

The Telegraph - Contact Lenses

The Telegraph – Contact Lenses

Now, glasses! In the Telegraph article they made it sound like wearing glasses is a chore but I guess it is to some people and from what I have been told people very often feel they are less attractive because of them. For example, I know two of my friends actually had laser eye surgery because of it and they both find contact lenses annoying to deal with. Personally on a day to day basis I think glasses are much easier than contact lenses.  If you do fall asleep wearing glasses it is not the end of the world. Your eyes don’t dry out although yes your glasses may get a little squashed but with most glasses now days they are pretty sturdy.

Also when you get up first thing in the morning you don’t have to worry about poking something in your eyes before you can see anything. Simply grab the glasses and put them on and Taa daaa- you can see! To be honest this debate can go on forever because if you do sports such as swimming then contacts and glasses are both just as useless. All I will say is speak to your opticians before committing and think about your own lifestyle (VERY important). From my experience I do prefer to have the option to have both so I can change and adapt depending on what I am doing. All this technology is there to make our lives easier and since we have the choice then why not take advantage of both!