Two weeks ago  I spoke about how us glasses wearers should be aware of babies and today I have discovered another thing us specs wearers should be aware of… cats! Yes, those cute little animals that are known for their curiosity. At the moment my husband and I are looking after our friends cat whilst he has to move away for work for 12 months and we were happy to help because this cat is GORGEOUS!!! It’s a Bengal and for those of you who are not big on cats Bengals are a special breed from wild Asian leopards cat crossed with a domestic cat. They are known for their gorgeous leopard like markings and our friend’s cat certainly looks like a mini leopard.

We have had this cat now for over 2 months and it has been an interesting journey getting to know and understand him. It feels like we have got a child or something because he can be a little mischievous at times, full of energy and he certainly entertains us a lot! However, last night I discovered he has found a new hobby with my glasses! When I go to bed I put my glasses by my bedside, not in their case and I probably shouldn’t admit to doing that (come on, I bet you all do it!).  It is just that much easier when you wake up and want to grab them especially when you are running late and need to get up quick without walking into things!

Specs wearer beware of cats!

Specs wearers beware of cats!

Well, it appears that this cute little cat has discovered the fun of knocking my glasses over, off the bedside table then kicking them under the bed! The cat doesn’t sleep on our bed but we have put a cat bed up on one of our draws so he can see us so he feels safe. Cats do seem to like knowing where you are and when you are sleeping.  If you do shut them out they do meow for you. Personally I much rather a decent night sleep than being woken up by a cat and he does tend to sleep through the night with us, until recently. He just wants to play at 5am and has decided knocking my glasses over is a fun game to play (not so fun for me).

It was safe to say this morning I freaked out a little bit when my glasses were not at a reachable distance then to top it off I couldn’t find them at all! This is a rather distressing thing for us specs wearers because I cannot see a lot without them and then trying to find your glasses when you cannot see is not ideal. Lucky for me I have got about 20 spare pairs (and growing). As I was freaking my husband very quickly tried to help to ease my distress, I am NOT a morning person. Have other cat owners ever had this situation before? By the way, yes the cute cat above (that looks like butter wouldn’t melt) IS the guilty party! Let’s see how I get on tonight!