Some of you maybe aware that as well as running this blog I also work with various eyewear/ fashions brands and write for fashion forecasting house WGSN. I do have the luxury of working from home.  At the bottom of my garden I have a summer house as my office so it is safe to say my commute to work is pretty easy. Whenever I go into a meeting and through conversations people are fascinated by this fact and often ask me do I work in my  pyjamas and the answer is no. I do get changed every morning and do I put make-up on? The answer is yes but only the bare minimum. By bare minimum I mean  I only put on a little bit of blusher, a dash of mascara and vaseline of my lips, thats it.

I do sometimes wear nothing if I am feeling particularly lazy but those who have met me in person, I really am not the one to slap on the make-up anyway. I don’t even wear foundation most of the time but when I do go for meetings I always make sure I put eyeliner on because it adds more drama to your eyes and that is very important for us specs wearers. I am not exactly great with eyeliner but if you are then check out this trend for beauty A/W 2014.

AW14 Make-up Trend

A/W14 Make-up Trend

I learned this trend when I was at the Specsavers pre fashion week event from their celebrity make-up artist Armand. As much as I love fashion when it comes to beauty trends I am pretty much not with it. I just wear what suits me and what I am capable of doing (which is the bare minimum). It amazes me that some of my friends have different brushes for EVERYTHING, I don’t even know the difference between a blusher brush and well, a powder brush. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE??

Whether you are into your beauty and your specs (or one or the other) the whole “arrow eyes” shown above is the trend to wear for A/W 2014. During the event Armand did try to teach me but poor guy, I was a rather rubbish student and have never even tempted to do it again since. I don’t have a steady hand and one eye always ends up looking odd, so this trend is WELL out of my make-up capability. A top tip from Armand is… when doing any sort of eyeliner always hold a small hand held mirror, tilt your head up looking at the ceiling but have your eyes are look down slightly at the mirror and try to move your forehead back at the same time (sounds complicated already!).  That is how you get the perfect eyeliner because you are stretching the skin around your eyes. Give it a bash and let me know how you get in, Armand has suggested this look will be best with square-ish or cats eye style glasses.