Back in May I was at the launch of Kite Eyewear the new breed of opticians on our high street. Here is a quick refresher for you if you wonder why they are so new.

They have a stand alone store which only sells Kite with 50 styles (or more) to choose from and the best thing is, ALL the frames come in a range of colours. Customers can pick the frame they want and choose from an array of colours.  It is not quite as specialist as bespoke eyewear at the high end opticians but for an independent high street store this is an impressive service.

Now the store has been going for 6months they have introduced another new thing into the mix. Customers can now pick the frame they want, choose different colour temples and pick any coloured lenses (if you are after a sunglasses). This customising service is definitely new in the “affordable frames” bracket.  You usually have to be willing to pay the high end opticians price tags.

Kite's new Remix Frames

Kite’s new Remix Frames

 This service is brand spanking new and at the moment it is only available at their Westfield store over in Stratford. It will hopefully be rolled out to their online shop soon so stay tuned if you do not live near London because you will also have the opportunity to get your hands on a pair. The good thing is all this extra service will not cost more than the current price!  You are getting something rather opulent and can I just stress again, this is a “high street” brand and not your high end £500 glasses kind of place. All Optical frames are from £145 (depending on lenses) and Sunglasses are from £97 (again depending on lenses).

They use Italian acetate, good hinges and some of the best lenses around (Ziess) and I can assure you for that price tag it is rare to get something with quality as good as these.  Especially when you bear in mind some opticians will charge you £150 just for the lenses. Check out their website for all the styles and to see when the new service will be available online!