As I was writing this very quick post I was sitting at the awards ceremony listening to Kimberly Walsh performing for us and can I just say, she has got a beautiful voice! I never knew because she has always sang with Girls Aloud and you can never really tell who sang what.

Now on the train home I just wanted to give you all a quick highlight so far. Well personally for me my highlight was the fact that Gok Wan recognised me from an interview I did with him right before London fashion week- I must of made an impression 😉 then the second highlight was Timmy Mallet (who all you 80’s babies out there should know) he actually commented on my Red or Dead changeable brow glasses! He loved them so much he wanted to steal them off my face!


Read the blog tomorrow for all the gossip such as the winners and which celebs made an appearance. It is always a pleasure to see glasses celebrated in such a way, I am already looking forward to next years awards.

I just made the last train home! Luckily I dragged my husband with me 😉 hope you all had a fab evening and see you tomorrow!