Every morning while I do jogging (I have a running machine at home- thanks bro I stole it) I always pick something to watch on the BBC iPlayer just to keep myself entertained because that 20 minutes can seem like forever. This morning I watched Secrets of South America- Extreme Beauty Queens by Billie JD Porter. It was rather shocking to watch I think, it all seems a bit fake and nothing is about natural beauty, in fact the judge will openly call you fat if you are above a certain weight. As I was watching this program it made me angry and think about what about us glasses wearers? Are we deemed unattractive? After the program I got a bit obsessed and started to do some research on beauty pageants around the world.  The one in Hong Kong (where I am from) happens every year and it is HUGE there too. It is safe to say no one who has entered the competition has ever worn glasses and why I wonder?

I think this could spark a rather heated debate. 1) If we wear glasses does that automatically mean we are less attractive? 2) What is so bad about glasses? 3) If you wear glasses and want to enter the pageant then is the only way to do so by wearing contacts? A lot of these girls on the program had some sort of “enchanting” work done and glasses can enhance someone’s features but is that not acceptable?

Secrets of South America- Extreme Beauty QueensSecrets of South America- Extreme Beauty Queens

Secrets of South America- Extreme Beauty Queens

I remember when I was little and used to watch the Hong Kong Beauty Pageant. I was never that fascinated by it, I just liked the pretty dresses and as I got older the pageant made me angry because why do women have to walk around in bikinis then be judged as to how beautiful or graceful they are? More to the point why is the male pageant no way near as big AND why are female beauty pageants always judge by men?

What is the point of beauty pageant? Is it supposed to give women something to look up to as to what “beauty” is?  If that is the case then it is rather unrealistic considering most of these women have had some sort of surgery to improve their look and to fit into the “ideal” vision of beauty. The idea of beauty is surely also a matter of personal taste? As an example, in my husbands eyes he says I am the most beautiful girl in the world (apart from Nicole Scherzinger, he loves her, but I can see why, she is pretty fit.) but to some I may be the most unattractive girl in the world. It really is a matter of taste and my husband doesn’t think I look any less attractive with glasses on or off. One thing I know for sure after watching this program is I do not need some 67 year old man (who has had numerous surgical procedures himself) to tell me I am attractive in his eyes. I like myself with glasses and without glasses.  Maybe I should start a beauty pageant just for people who wear glasses!