Last weekend I was out visiting my cousin on the Sunday and dropping Christmas presses off to his 3 kids, I was Santa for the day. It was a glorious sunny winters day so out came the sunnies. When it is like that and you are in a car you NEED to wear sunglasses because winter sun is so much lower and it is more harmful to our eyes. Other cars always reflect light from the sun onto our eyes so it is vital to protect them with sunglasses. I know it is annoying that the days are so much shorter now so sometimes it may feel pointless taking a pair of sunglasses out.  Here comes the other problem because when you do have a car, you will automatically pop them into your glove box and forget about them.

Since they are in your glove box you don’t have to ever worry about forgetting them and you can just leave them there until your next journey.  Sounds like a good idea but do you realise if your sunglasses are acetate the freezing cold temperatures in your car (such as overnight) along with the warm (when you are using the car) are actually VERY bad for the acetate. They may change the shape of them so the lenses may feel loser or the hinges can also feel loose because acetate is a type of plastic so it will expand in the heat and compress in the cold. I am sure you are getting the picture that basically leaving any sort of frames in your car is bad news.

sunglasses in the car

Do you leave your sunglasses in the car?

This rule doesn’t just apply to winter, it also applies to summer when you car gets REALLY hot then cools down in the evening. In fact the heat from the summer sun may even be worse for your frames. The bottom line is do not leave your frames in your car even though it may seem like the easier option, this also apply to metal frames. Metal frames maybe less likely to change shape but hinges could still become loose over time plus can you imagine putting freezing cold frames onto your face!!! Brrrrrrrr! Gives me the chills just thinking about it.

I for one should know better and not leave my sunnies in my car but even I am guilty of it. The photo above was taken today and they have been left there since Sunday… whoops! I blame my baby brain. As I was taking this photo and going through my glove box I found yet another pair of sunnies… double whoops!!! I actually forgot I had them, like totally forgot. It sounds ridiculous but I do have a rather extensive collection of eyewear so these ones clearly just slipped my mind. So the moral of the story is always store you glasses at room temperature to ensure longer lasting spectacles and check your glove box before leaving your car!