One of the missing pieces to my frame collection- the classic tortoiseshell! It has taken me a while to find a pair of tortoiseshell glasses I like. Well I did find a pair in Hong Kong but I still haven’t managed to get them glazed to my prescription yet so at the moment they are just sitting there doing noting waiting for me to wear them. I really must get them glazed up soon because that is one massive waste right there! Anyway, in the meantime I did find another pair of tortoiseshell glasses that I like and now they are in my prescription I can actually wear them- Huurrah! Thank you to EyeResepct and Transitions lenses.

Back in June (I remember it was a rather sunny day), EyeRespect had a press breakfast showcasing their new Londoner (LDNR) range and also announcing their new partnership with Transitions. All press that attended got to pick a pair as gift so we can try the frames and Transitions lenses too. My frame finally arrived last week, it does seem like an awful long wait.  I actually forgot about them (it is not like I am short of glasses to wear) so it was a rather pleasant surprise when they arrived. It was like an early Christmas gift for me!

My all New EyeRespect Londoner Glasses

My all New EyeRespect Londoner (LDNR) Glasses

Of course I have been wearing them a lot! Whenever I get a new pair of frames I tend to wear them an awful lot until I get a bit bored of them, then I will go back to my other frames 😉 The only exception to the rule is if the new frames really don’t go with my outfit then I will wear something else. So what do I think of them? They are a chunky acetate frame but they are actually rather light to wear and thank you to Transitions for putting some extra thin lenses in because that makes a huge difference too. The Londoner (LDNR) range uses high end hinges (7 barrel hinges) so I have nothing to complain about with regards to those and the acetate feels of a good quality. At the moment I do need to adjust the arms slightly so they fit me even better because they are a little loose, that is just a matter of adjustment and is easily resolved, not to do with the frame itself. All in all, it is a thumbs up from me but of course I have only been wearing them indoors and let’s face it there has not much sunshine lately so I cannot test out the Transitions lenses.

I am looking forward to wearing them in the great outdoors with sunshine so I can see what they look like when they turn into sunglasses and of course see how good the Transitions lenses are. The reason I picked this style in particular it is because they look fantastic as optical frames and I think they would look just as good as sunglasses. I always believe if you are going for Transitions lenses then you need to consider how good the frame will look as optical and sunglasses.  Some styles only really work well for one or the other so pick wisely and they will keep you looking stylish whatever the weather. If you like my frame they are the Eye Respect Londoner (LDNR) Range in Berwick- 003. Check them out!