How are you all? It has been a few days since I last wrote due to the Christmas break so I have been giving myself some time off! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to 2015. Writing a recap post of the entire year is always hard because there are 365 days worth of stuff to remember. However, there are of course always things that will stick in my mind such as back in February 2014 we saw the launch of the first London Optical show, 100% Optical. MGAM was the official blogger for the show and we have been working with them ever since preparing for the 2015 show which is happening on 7th – 9th Feb. Another big accomplishment for MGAM in 2014 was working with WGSN because they are the go to people for trend forecasting. They forecast everything from furniture to fashion and in 2014 with MGAM onboard they are now also tapping into eyewear which is highly exciting! So for MGAM it finally feels like eyewear is being taken more and more seriously.  It can be a trend itself so we have come a long way since the blog started back in July 2011 with our mission to bring glasses onto the fashion radar!

The other exciting thing to remember is since the summer, MGAM has been the guest blogger for fashion brand Red or Dead writing about all things relating to eyewear. The latest post which went up before Christmas was on make-up tips for us specs wearers and these are just some of the things MGAM is trying to achieve.  We want to widen people’s view on eyewear because a pair of glasses are not just a pair of glasses! There is a whole lot more to it. Apart from the partnerships there has also been a numerous events which MGAM has attended and the most memorable was probably interviewing Gok Wan during the Specsavers pre London Fashion Week event back in September. Then not forgetting the radio interview I did with the BBC on eyewear only last month in November!

2015 Fireworks

Happy New Year from MGAM!


So, what has MGAM got planned for 2015? Well first up is of course the 100% Optical show taking place in February- highly exciting! Then it is the start of London Fashion Week. However, I am not entirely sure if I will be attending myself because I will be near enough 8 months pregnant by then. We will of course be continuing to work with WGSN with more exciting plans for 2015 so stay tuned for those. Apart from continuing and growing MGAM’s existing partnerships there will be more on the horizon too but I will need to keep it hush hush for now. As for the blog itself we have been looking to expand by adding more sections which will be helpful to both consumers and industry professionals. I don’t want to be giving the game away too much but MGAM will be launching a brand new online shop but to sell what??? That you will have to find out, all will be revealed soon enough 😉

Finally, on a personal basis 2014 has been a great year. I was in Hong Kong twice! Once for my own Chinese wedding and a second time for my friend’s wedding. Then when I came back in the beginning of July I soon fell pregnant and now as I am sitting here writing this post 25 weeks pregnant with my baby kicking me A LOT! I think this baby has started the new year celebrations already. I feel 2015 will be a challenging year because I will be a new mum in April but still trying to maintain the blog to the standard it is now, plus with the other partnerships we have got going on, it will be one busy year for me. I am always up for a challenge and let’s just hope I can cope with it all!

Above all, thank you readers for your support throughout the years and I hope you will continue to support MGAM because without readers we would not be here. Have a wonderful New Years Eve whatever you get up to and see you back here on the 5th January! See you next year 😉