Next Wednesday is Christmas Eve! Can you even believe it? So are you all partied out yet with all the work do’s or just general festive celebrations? I have to say being self-employed I do miss those employed days where I get to go to a work do instead of working in an office by myself. It’s not exactly all that festive but I do always meet up with my friends because they feel sorry for me. This Christmas I cannot exactly party hard being 5 months pregnant, my back, feet and brain just would not allow it because carrying another person is hard work. At 5 months, back pain and hip pain are kicking in, even though I am not massive and don’t look 5 months.

Nevertheless Christmas is all about looking glam and celebrating.  With everyone partying away our skin and eyes are probably suffering the most! Let’s be honest, after a night out… feeling drunk and tired who can honestly say they always take their make-up off. With all the late nights, as if our eyes are not drying out and looking rather puffy and tired.  Look at mine!

My Tired Eyes

My Tired Eyes

That photo was of me last weekend after two consecutive weekends out for my husband’s birthday celebrations. It is safe to say I was feeling pretty tired and being pregnant I can just feel my body is not as able anymore. However, I have a few handy beauty tips for you which I have learned from writing the beauty section of the MGAM magazine and just generally chatting to different beauty brands during press days.

  1. Use shimmering OR metallic eyeshadow to brighten up the eye area and I have to say I now live by this rule.
  2. If you would like to have dark smoky eyes – you can add a shimmery highlighter to the brow bone and in the corner of the eye. Again this helps to lighten up the eye area and avoid the smokey eye looking too heavy.
  3. Do not wear black eyeliner all round the eye because it can make your eyes appear heavy therefore you look even more tired than you are. If you want to use a brown as an alternative colour because it is lighter.
  4. It is good to compliment the colour of the glasses with a hint of a similar colour in your eye make up

I hope these beauty tips help you to survive the rest of the festive season 😉