I cannot actually believe I am now 29 weeks into my pregnancy and put it this way I am now only 11 weeks away until I am due! The thought of it is actually quite scary and do I feel ready? Yes and no. Yes I think I can look after a little human being but no because I am not sure if I will be good at it!  However, there is no manual to say this is how you should look after a baby and every baby is different. No one baby is exactly the same and I guess my husband and I will do our best and that is all we can do.

So, what has been happening to my ever changing body? Of course my bump is getting bigger but still not massive.  Baby is growing inside like normal and apparently I am just holding it in well. Aches and pains are happening from my lower back to my hips and god I now walk so slowly like a snail.

My nails and hair are growing amazingly then there are my eyes. As I have mentioned in my previous blog posts during pregnancy some women may find their vision can become blurry and suffer from dry eyes. Even my opticians have said to me if I have any troubles then go and see them straight away. Luckily my vision has been fine (so far) but the dry eyes thing I think it is happening. My eyes do feel dryer than normal, I haven’t been wearing my contact lenses at all, not even at weekends because of it, however I am due to change to another type of contact lens soon so I will sure bring that up with my opticians. I know it is noting serious but I want to know if I will be ok wearing contact lenses during labour if I wish to as I am still trying to decide. I have been debating about this in my head for ages and now with the “D-day” approaching I am thinking about it more and more.

Me at 29 Weeks Pregnant

Me at 29 Weeks Pregnant

There are pros and cons for both I think. With glasses you don’t have to worry about your eyes drying out because labour is a LONG process but when you start to push and sweat, glasses are likely to slide off. They become annoying and you just want to take them off but you can’t because everything may become blurry and you may miss seeing something special. I certainly do not enjoy blurry vision anyway because I find it daunting not being able to see what is going on around me. On the other hand contact lenses do not have any of these problems but just how long can you wear them for because labour can easily go on for more than 12hrs which is a normal wear for contacts.

So many things to think about and as if the labour part itself isn’t scary enough. I don’t know about other women but for me I think the labour part is rather scary because of the pain. It is something natural and that is how it happens but it still fills me with dread.  I then have to deal with a couple of unhelpful friends who find it hilarious to make a joke about the labour bearing in mind they do not have children themselves. However, other people I do know who have been through labour has all been helpful and my close girlie mates have been very supportive too, even though none of them are mother’s themselves. Will I or will I not be wearing glasses during labour? This debate will still go on in my head until I am due.  Afterwards I will let you all know what I decided to do in the end.