MGAM Sponsored PostI am sure most people may have heard of the name KickStarter. It is a platform where entrepreneur and inventors can show the world their ideas and make it a reality by asking people to invest some money towards it, providing people like the idea of course. My husband is a huge fan of KickStarter and are forever thinking of what he can do that people will love and want to support him. However, so far he got nothing suitable but one day I am sure he will. He is a clever boy. This year for 100% Optical (show is opening next weekend!) There is a dedicated KickStarter area for all things innovative relating to eyewear. From frame design to a wax that solves the problem of your glasses sliding down your nose.

I am personally quite excited to check out this area because as well as supporting existing brands the show is clearly supporting newcomers too who can maybe one day make a HUGE difference to the optical industry. Within the KickStarter area there are 8 things to look out for and if you are not attending the show (or are a consumer) then here is the list of brands which you will find at the KickStarter area. Bosky Optics, Cliris SA, Ficklets, Hemp Eyewear, Ingri:Dahl, Larke, Nerdwax and Playn Frames and Lens.

KickStarter at 100% Optical 2015

KickStarter at 100% Optical 2015

Here is a quick intro as to what these startups are all about and I certainly have my favourite 😉 first up is Bosky Optics – Bosky is the coloration of creative design with new materials.The artist engrained line of sunglasses features six refined frame styles in five different wood selections. Every pair can be engraved with a unique design created by one of the 15 artist apart of the Bosky Artist Network programme. Cliris SA, the company behind the products of Cliris and Cliriense is a Swiss high-tech start-up established in May 2013. Its founder, Didier Lutz, is a technology specialist-entrepreneur and winner of the “Prix d’Excellence Entreprendre Region Lausanne”. With their product your glasses are cleaned, disinfected, anti-fog treated and dried in 4 minutes.. Ficklets, LLC, a US based company, invented, designs, markets and sells eyewear & sunglasses charms. Ficklets are teh first patented interchangeable eyewear charms, designed to adorn your eyeglasses or sunglasses.

Hemp Eyewear is an eyewear & apparel company who specialist in the use of hemp. Their products are sustainable sunglasses made from renewable resource, industrial hemp. The Crosby Frame is the worlds first and only plant fibre sunglasses on the market. INGRI:DAHL is a Norweigan label based in Los Angeles that provides moviegoers with stylish alternatives to the cheap, ill-fitting 3D glasses handed to them upon entering the cinema. Larke design and produce sophisticated eyewear, entirely handmade in England. Driven by a discerning appreciation of artisanship, method and exclusivity, each frame is intricately hand carved from the finest blocks of Italian acetate. PLAYN was born out of the desire to share a passion for design and a vision for a sustainable way of life with those who look for a pair of stylish glasses.The newly developed PLAYN Sun Lenses comes with an array of coatings including premium UV protection of up to 420nm and Super Hydrophobic coating that makes cleaning your lenses absolutely effortless.

Last but not least, my favourite is the Nerdwax. I actually have an announcement to make on tomorrow’s blog post which is about this product. Let’s just say if you hate the fact your glasses OR sunglasses slide off due to sweat and oily skin then Nerdwax will be your new best friend. Read tomorrow’s blog post for more information 😉