Yesterday I did mention about an announcement I am going to make on a product called Nerdwax. So what is Nerdwax? Well, it is a product my husband and I have found through Kickstarter. As I was saying before my husband does have an obsession with looking at KickStarter which is how we came across this product and immediately I was intrigued by it. It is a product designed to help your glasses stay in place. For me with my Asian nose this has always been a problem unless I wear an Asian brand. I do find in general with any frame (even the ones with nose pads) over the course of the day your glasses will slide off slightly at some point because the oil we produce on our skin. It is something that cannot be avoid but this magical little stick will solve this problem.

Nerdwax is a beeswax based blend of all things natural and certified organic ingredients. All ingredients are non toxic and completely biodegradable so it is a truly certified natural product made in the USA. I have actually been trying it out for a while now because I wanted to see how good it is before introducing it to the world. Nerdwax comes in a chap stick size container and you don’t need to apply a lot for it to work. The key is to carry it with you because it does wear off overtime.  When it does, all you need to do is reapply. Sometimes you may get a bit heavy handed and apply too much but you can wipe it off easily.  A stick can last you approx 6- 8 months.

Nerdwax - The must have product!

Nerdwax – The must have product!

Personally I am a huge fan of this product and it makes wearing acetate frames a much more enjoyable experience for me.  Previously having to push them back up every two seconds got rather annoying after a while. Since I love the product so much I have actually started to sell them online here but I only started this yesterday. At the moment the MGAM blog is the only place where you can buy them in the UK and we are very proud of that. If you are an opticians reading this, this is a great point of sale product because it is easily affordable and something consumers will appreciate using. It will complement your entire range no matter what types and brands of glasses or sunglasses you sell!  For opticians who are interested in stocking Nerdwax in your practice then again I will be your point of contact for the UK so don’t be shy and get in touch.

I am quite passionate about this little stick and the founder of  Nerdwax is even more passionate because he developed this himself in his own kitchen! I am a self-employed person who runs my own business so I am vey passionate about helping others too, especially when I actually believe they have a great product since I have tired and tested it. Now it is your turn to try this great little stick out for yourself 😉 I promise you, you will not be disappointed and soon Nerdwax will become your frame’s best companion.  Of course if you don’t wear glasses this will work just as well for sunglasses and reading glasses.