I am now 27 weeks pregnant which means I am now just over 6 months into my pregnancy. It is very scary indeed because in just under 3 months time I will be someone’s mummy! My husband and I have been busy preparing our house to make it more baby friendly and of course preparing the nursery room. There is so much to think about and so much to buy too. Walking into Mothercare actually feels a bit intimidating because to me that is unknown territory. Send me into a clothes shop or an opticians and I will feel quite at ease but whenever I go into Mothercare I never really see any other pregnant women. Instead it is always filled with mums and dads (and their children) and they are like pros already in the parenthood game. Lately I have to say as the “D” day fast approaches, as all my over excited friends keep reminding me, I am starting to feel a little nervous about the thought of being someone’s mum. Scared that I will not be as good as my own mother (my mum is pretty awesome, she may be short and cute but AWESOME), scared I will not know how to look after this little being who’s life depends solely on us, scared how will this effect my work since I am self employed because lets face it babies don’t feed themselves so I still need to work to earn money to help my poor husband out. Basically I have never been so scared in my life!

I know how I am feeling is all probably normal but it doesn’t feel normal because every time I read anything relating to motherhood or see photos, all those women looked perfect and happy.  I feel less than perfect, am I perfect enough for this baby? Who knows and I guess I will find out soon enough. Anyway, over the festive period my husband and I braved the sales to check out some bargains or mainly prams shall I say. Pram buying was the most mind baffling thing I have ever come across. I used to think it is just a large bucket type thing with wheels that can transport your baby around with ease and good for putting your shopping in. However, NO! there are so many types, brands, colours and styles to choose from and all cost at a base price of £500 and go up to £1000’s for a 3 in 1 travel system.


KinderKraft 3in1 Stroller Groupon

KinderKraft 3in1 Stroller from Groupon

A 3 in 1 travel system includes a cot, a car seat (a must for bringing baby back from the hospital) and a pram seat for when the baby is older. After looking at MANY and getting quite baffled by them all we came home with noting.  When you have to depart with at least £500 of your money the decision cannot be taken lightly. The next day we woke up with an email from Groupon and a deal came up for a 3 in 1 travel system!

The KinderKraft 3in1 Stroller

It is a European brand and not sold in the UK but sold pretty much every where else in Europe called KinderKraft. Normal RRP is £495 but the Groupon deal was £235!!! There was not much information on the brand but after some serious searching we found a demo video and forum posts on a mummy forum, then we took the plunge and hit that buy button. We thought for £235 if it is that rubbish it would not be the end of the world but if it is amazing then we got ourselves a bargain! We waited nervously for the pram to arrive and 7 days later it did. We opened it like two excited kids at Christmas and what did we think? Not bad at all especially since we only paid £235 for it.

The frame of the KinderKraft 3in1 Stroller itself is very sturdy because some of the more expensive brand don’t even have a very sturdy frame. The 3 in 1 system is very user friendly, easy to take on and off to change to different seats. Even I can do it whereas with some of the other brands I got confused because it was like playing with a Transformer.  You should feel 100% at ease with operating your pram because your baby’s life is literally in your hands. The system also comes with an attachment which quite a few brands may not include or will charge you extra for. Such as a leg warmer for the pram seat, a rain cover but it didn’t come with the most important thing in my book… a sunshield to protect the baby eyes in the sun!

When babies are tiny they cannot really wear sunglasses to protect their delicate little eyes from the sun so a sunshield is a must especially since our baby will be a summer baby. However, never mind we will just have to buy an attachment but no big deal. If you are interested and if the deal comes up on Groupon again the set also comes with a nappy bag which is a bit small,  the compartment where the shopping goes is also a bit small and the cover which goes over the cot is not as well designed compared to some other brands BUT these are all not massive deal breakers. I would recommend the KinderKraft 3in1 stroller!  All the seats and cot are actually rather comfy too compared to some that are at a price range of £500. I am now looking forward to trying it out when baby arrives 🙂