Over the festive period I think I got quite into eye make-up and in 2015 I made a pact with myself that on the MGAM blog I will put more focus on eye beauty and bring you all some beauty tips.  These will range from how to look after your eyes (to keep them fresh and sparkling) to make-up tips to make them look beautiful. I think for us specs wearers it is more important to keep our eyes in tip top condition because that is the first thing people look at. Our glasses will always draw attention to that area first whether we like it or not so it may be about time we put our focus on that area. I think a lot of people don’t always put the two together and think I am bonkers mad for linking make-up with glasses but to me that is like saying “you can wear a stunning evening gown with a pair of trainers” NO! A stunning gown needs stunning shoes. They go hand in hand just like glasses and eye make-up.

Eye Make Up

Eye Make-Up

All the up and coming beauty posts you will find on the blog are all the things I have learned from attending press days, from writing the beauty section of the quarterly MGAM magazine or they are based on my own personal experiences. Each beauty blog post will include 4 – 5 quick beauty tips on things to do or not to do around your eye area.  They are in bite size chunks instead of overloading you with too much information. This beauty post is all about how to make your eyes stand out even if you feel your frames are hiding those gorgeous eyes of yours.

  • A coloured mascara will make your eyes stand out, if you choose not to wear any other eye make up
  • If the frames are round then the eye makeup should be winged out with a dramatic flick for the eyeliner
  • If the frames are square/rectangle then the make up should be a lot more rounded
  • Also another good tip is if you want the eyes enhanced then have strong striking eye makeup and don’t take away the focus from it

I actually remember when I was in uni I went through a stage of wearing electric blue mascara everyday and I loved it because it really was effortless and looked like I had more make-up on than I did. So I feel that is definitely a proven beauty tip , I don’t really know why I stopped wearing it actually and maybe I should start again 😉 hehe. As for Eye liner, I am pretty useless with it and I just don’t seem to have a steady enough hand but good luck to you if you want to give it a try.