It is the end of day 2 at 100% Optical.  Did you all come down and have a nose? If not you still have one more day and if you have been following me on the blog then you will know what you have been missing. Today was definitely a busy day (as the organisers expected) and I can tell just by walking around pretty much every seminar was packed out with people, which is of course a good thing. The day has flown by for me and before I knew it, it was 6pm and time for another party session. Well… tonight is not really a party but it is a charity night which 100% Optical is supporting. For 2015, 100% Optical are supporting Fight For Sight which is the leading charity in researching that effect your eyes.

Tonight required exhibitors and visitors to have a fantastic voice because it was Karaoke, or should I say Rockaoke!!! It is basically Karaoke but with a live band! Personally I LOVE Karaoke but I cannot sing to save my life, plus I am pretty sure my baby inside my belly would have not appreciated it and would probably be thinking mummy is an embarrassment already. Effectively anyone who was willing (or unwilling) to sing got get sponsored by their work colleges and all the money they sponsored went to Fight for Sight. This is also the fun part because if you really want to stitch a work colleague up you can all put money towards it. I mean how guilty would you feel if you got sponsored £100 then you refused to sing… it is for charity after all.

100% Optical 2015 Charity Night

100% Optical 2015 Charity Night

It turns out there are many people within the optical industry that can sing, especially the creative director from Mondottica! I mean HELLOOOO what a voice. He should be in a band or at least definitely should give the X-factor or The Voice a go. I was very impressed and I think so was everyone else.  I am sure no one wanted to sing after him because they didn’t know how to follow that?

Overall it was a fun evening, I was thoroughly entertained and I hope lots of money was raised this evening for Fight for Sight because without donations this charity cannot do all the amazing research to combat eye diseases. Before the show started, a social media campaign called #BLINKWINKTHINK was launched to help raise awareness of the charity and to show your support you just have to take a selfie style photo of yourself covering one eye then nominate 3 friends to do the same.  If you are feeling generous then please also text to donate on BWTC15 £(amount) to 70070. Easy! 

It is getting late and  I am signing off for the evening,  readying myself for another busy day tomorrow but also feeling kind of sad because it will be the last day.