MGAM Sponsored PostYesterday I of course did a massive write up on the 100% Optical 2015 highlights and today I am bringing you a photo gallery highlight where you get to see more of what happened at the show because writing everything in words plus photos will create a monster of a blog post which could get boring after the 3rd paragraph.  I obviously don’t want to bore you all to death or send you to sleep so I thought a photo gallery could be the answer. Just flicking through some pretty photos of what has been happening over the weekend at the show will be much better.

To be honest in yesterday’s blog post I think I could of wrote a lot more but I held back because I didn’t want to make it too long. It was already a rather long post but with this photo gallery you get to see more of the eyewear I saw that may have not been mentioned in my previous blog posts, there was just too much to look at. Once the video has been edited by my very talented husband (who also filmed it all on the iPhone 6) you will also see more brands that may not be in the photo gallery.  This is because again there were so many things going on and to see see. So what I am basically saying is stay tuned for more 100% Optical 2015 goodness especially if you are after some framespiration for 2015 because this is where you can see the latest stuff!