First of all sorry I didn’t do a blog post last night but there was a slight technical issue in the back end of the blog so it didn’t actually publish but it is now fixed. I will now save that post for next week because the 100% Optical 2015 highlights video is ready!!! Thank you to my very talented husband who filmed and edited it all with his new gadget (aka the iPhone 6). I did not have time to do filming asvwell but he was there to support me and to make sure I wasn’t working too hard being 7 months pregnant.  He decided to give himself a project and test out what the iPhone can do as he only just got it a few days before the show.

This video will show you more eyewear brands which I may not have mentioned in my highlight post and in the photo gallery just because there was so much to fit in! There were more brands this year with definitely more niche brands so it was hard to try and get everything in. I thought spreading it out maybe better. The visitor number in the video needs to be audited still but that could take up to 6 months so this is the estimate. The estimated number of visitors for this years show is over 6400 which is fantastic because that is 25% more than last year which is great for a new show. Next year this will increase even more I am sure and the date has been set already so save the date! It will be on Saturday 6th Feb – Monday 8th Feb 2016. See you there and enjoy the video 🙂

Have a great Valentine’s day weekend whatever you get up to whether you are single or loved up. I will see you all back here on Monday!