Wow, so here we are. Me at 30 weeks pregnant with only 10 more weeks to go until I meet this little person who will change my life forever,  how do I feel about that? For me it is still a mix of emotions but mainly scared! Scared about the labour, scared about how am I going to cope with looking after this little life and scared how will this little baby will effect my workload because MGAM is growing. Apart from that how am I feeling? People keep telling me I am not huge for 30 weeks and I know I am not either BUT I am so used to being a size 6/8 all my life then suddenly having a bump is a tad alien to me and I cannot help but feel like a massive whale. I am unsure if other women feel the same but that is how I feel.

As you all know this weekend I will be at the 100% Optical eyewear show for the entire 3 days and I am NOT even joking… I was stressing about what to wear over 3 months ago. I have to look smart so I would like to wear heels or at least small heels but I am unsure if that is a good idea if my hip and back aches. At the same time I want to feel like myself and I do love a good pair of heels. So I am sure on Friday I will be raiding my walk-in wardrobe and having a melt down, however my glasses choice has been selected ages ago so that is all good.

Being 30 Weeks Pregnant

Being 30 Weeks Pregnant

Every week when I reach another milestone in my pregnancy I always read to find out what is happening to my baby in that week so this week is of course week 30. By now my baby should be able to track light source from the outside world so if I shine a torch at my belly it should be able to move towards it or even use their little hands to reach it. How cute! I have not tried it yet because it could actually damage their retinas since they are still developing as I have mentioned in my previous post. On the other hand they should now be able to open and close their eyes and blink! I am so fascinated by how all babies can only see around 20cm-30cm when they are first born and they do not even reach 20/20 vision until they are about 8 years old! Imagine that? So when we were little we all went through 8 years of our life not being able to see all that clearly. How odd! More importantly I needed glasses at the age of 12 so it basically took me 4 years to ruin my eyesight. Hahaha! From perfect vision at the age of 8 to needing glasses at the age of 12, oh dear… that doesn’t sound good.

I wonder if my baby will need to wear glasses because I know things like being short sighted can be inherited but then again not that many people in my family wear glasses. Only me and my brother that I can think of but hey, maybe my baby will inherit my husband’s genes because he has got perfect 20/20 vision. A lot of people have said if it is a mixed race baby they normally inherit the best from both parents so who knows. Either way we will just be grateful if our baby is healthy and we hope we will be a good parents to this little life that will bring us as much stress as it does joy and happiness.

P.S … Yes not wearing glasses in that photo because I am currently trying out some new contacts. Could be the answer to my labour dilemma. More on that later. It is odd not wearing glasses though.