100% Optical ended just over a week ago and as I have mentioned numerous times I met designer Paul Costelloe at the show and I had a little chat with him about his eyewear range. Incase you are not aware of the brand, Paul Costelloe is a renowned Irish designer and the brand was originally based in Dublin but moved to London in 1999. The label itself is well known for its classic understated look which consists of timeless pieces for both men and women so what can you expect from the eyewear range?

I would say exactly the same as the clothing. Timeless classic pieces with understated colours but for the 2015 collection there are a few eye popping colours within the ladies range which are rather exciting and something new from the brand. So during 100% Optical Paul Costelloe bought along with him his head designer and his son to talk about his eyewear range. The glasses themselves are manufactured by Dunelm Opitcs but Paul Costelloe and his design team work closely with them to ensure the eyewear range is in keeping with the brand’s style.

From left to right is head designer Jordi, Paul’s son William, Paul Costelloe and Peter from Dunelm Optical.

Paul Costelloe and His Team

Paul Costelloe and His Team

Interview with Paul Costelloe:

MGAM: Why did you branch out into Eyewear?

PC: A big part of fashion is accessories and glasses are an accessories especially now they are becoming more relevant so it is important to follow what is happening.

MGAM: For 2015 the female range is looking pretty strong compared to the previous collection, why is that?

PC: Well, we felt the female range hasn’t been as strong as the male range. The male range has been so successful that the female range was falling behind so we wanted to do something more focused on the ladies for 2015.

MGAM: Do you do any of the frame designs yourself?

PC & Jordi: We don’t but Dunelm Optical has to work to a brief that we set them so everything still ties in with the brand. We give them our moodboard to work from and information about what we are doing with the clothing range so everything looks uniform rather than disjointed and not looking like Paul Costelloe.

MGAM: Would you say a typical Paul Costelloe customer would buy the frames?

PC & William: Yes, I believe Paul Costelloe customers will buy the frames and I believe (or like to think) the eyewear range will also attract new customers to the Costelloe brand. At the end of the day glasses are not like an impulse buy compared to handbags and shoes, but of course we are trying to educate people that you can purchase them as an accessory. In the UK we are still lacking behind on that front in comparison to the rest of the world.

MGAM: How often does the Paul Costelloe range bring out new styles.

Peter: Every 6 months so it ties in with the fashion world because before eyewear only brought out one range for the entire year but things are changing now within the industry.

Me with the man himself Paul Costelloe

Me with the man himself Paul Costelloe

It was a quick chat with the busy man himself (as he was only at the show for an hour and half) but if you are into your timeless eyewear then definitely check out the Paul Costelloe range. This season for the mens collection they have introduced materials such as carbon fibre, 3 different types of wood with resin mixed in to make sure they are more durable when faced with perspiration, there is even a sporty range. As for the ladies the colours are much stronger for this season and are stepping away from the usual black and tortoiseshell. If you want to check out the range then check out Dunelm Opitcal website or if you want to see them first hand then they are stocked in selected independent opticians near you.