So who watched the Oscars the other night? I watched the highlights last night to check out all the stunning gowns and not forgetting specs! Within the audience I only saw maybe couple of females in glasses but I spotted a lot of gents looking dapper in them. I think the most famous face I saw in glasses was Steve Carell and he really suits glasses! I don’t think I have ever seen him glasses before.

I have been doing some searching online and I believe he was wearing Oliver Peoples Sheldrake which you can of course buy online right here! Us consumers can have the exact same frame as this famously funny man himself… How exciting is that!

Steve Carell at the Oscars 2015

Steve Carell at the Oscars 2015

So apart from specs, what was your favourite gown? I rather liked J-Lo’s princess dress and I have to say not something I expected her to wear but the colour and the style suited her. Then there was Jennifer Aniston and WOWZERS! How hot did she look and isn’t she like 50??? When I am 50 and I look like that, I am not going to complain about ageing what so ever! Ha! On the other hand as well as spotting stunning gowns I was also busy eyeing up Bradley Cooper because I simply fancy the pants of him. He was most definitely looking very dapper and he has actually got very similar hair to my husband at the moment. Hehehe.

This blog post is fairly short and sweet because today is my birthday! To tell you the truth I have probably done next to no work today and only responded to a few important emails but hey let me off because this will be my last birthday before becoming a mummy in April! On that note I am off to enjoy the rest of my birthday evening with the husband.

Also the photo above is from this website.