How was your weekend everyone? Have you all got your mum a mother’s day gift yet? If not there are still time so don’t worry and last Friday I did a post on gift ideas for your mum inspired by my own mum.

As my pregnancy progresses to week 35 and with mother’s day coming up I am feeling all kinds of different emotions (mainly… crap I am going to be a mum!). 35 weeks of course means I am getting closer and closer to the “D” day and my antenatal classes have started, throughout this whole pregnancy journey there has been many of “the unknown” moments and even now at my classes and by reading books on labour, I still don’t know what will happen on the day, so it is still the unknown to me.  All I can do is keep myself calm, practice positive thinking and keep on smiling. At 35 weeks I still haven’t packed my hospital bag yet but I have gathered (I am confident) that my baby will not arrive this early, I will pack it at 37 weeks when my husband is away on a stag doo (he didn’t want to go incase I pop but I told him to go!). I am taking the relaxed, chilled out approach which is driving my mum a little insane.

Over the weekend I have been thinking about my options in terms of whether I should wear glasses or contacts during labour and I think I have made my mind up. I went to see my opticians couple of weeks ago because my eyes were getting a bit dry so I just wanted to get it checked out just incase it is something else other than just me being pregnant. I know pregnancy can cause dry eyes but when it comes to your vision it is always best to have it checked out.

During my appointment I also asked about the pros and cons of wearing contacts and glasses during labour because that is one thing that has been playing on my mind. It sounds silly and such a minor thing to some but it is a big deal to me.

Johnson Acuvue Oasys

Johnson Acuvue Oasys

It turns out the contact lenses which I have used occasionally (for sports etc) since I was 18 will be discontinued! I have now been put onto a new type which are of course better and it has kind of helped me to make up my mind on what to wear on the day. The new Johnson Acuvue Oasys is actually suitable for wearing overnight, in fact they can be worn for up to a week without having to take them out! However, that depends on a trail run and see how your eyes get on with them.

I think they are the perfect solution for me because I really don’t want to miss a moment of my baby being born.  I really find it quite stressful and scary when I can’t see what is going on.  I mean let’s face it all the pushing is hard work and one hell of a sweaty job so glasses will not be staying on (unless of course I use some Nerdwax!). However, I would have to take them off to re-apply the Nerdwax if I sweat loads and I think in the moment, the stress of it all would prove too much for me!  I really don’t want small factors like that making me feel uneasy about the labour because I have learned keeping your mind calm and stress free as possible before the labour is the key to successful birth. Basically no negativity and only think positive and get my mind in the right mindset.

So I am sorry to shock you all (or if you guys feel disappointed that me writing a blog on glasses is choosing to wear contacts) but I feel this is the right decision for me and my baby as I will be much more at ease knowing I can see everything all the time. Plus… yes, I like glasses and I certainly enjoy wearing them, I have quite a collection but I have never said I don’t wear contact lenses or that I hate them. I think when the situation is required then it is good to have the option there to pick and choose. Also, I do pay for my contact lenses on a monthly basis so too right I do actually wear them considering I do wear my glasses WAY more and I am certainly not making the most out of my contacts subscription but hey that is my choice.