As I was saying at the beginning of the year there will be many new things happening with MGAM in 2015.

MGAM Magazine Goes Digital

First of all was of course the MGAM Magazine going digital as well as being re-designed and printed in glossy format!

MGAM Online Shop

Then the next thing was that we have started to push the MGAM e-shop where we source fun, cool, quirky and useful things for us specs wearers.

So far we only have Nerdwax but watch this space because there will be more products coming soon. It is hard to find things other than glasses cases, glasses cloths and glasses chains …. BORING! Yawn!!!! However, Nerdwax has proven to be a massive hit so far and it is the “gadget” every specs wearer needs in their pocket. Even if you don’t wear glasses, Nerdwax is great for sunglasses and even reading glasses. It is just a great little product to stop our glasses from sliding off our nose due to sweat and oily skin.


Lastly, not forgetting the MGAM app, it is just a bit of fun at the moment that can help you to find the perfect frame shape.  It is currently only available on iOS on the app store but we will be developing that more and releasing an Android version too so watch this space!

MGAM Optical Business Directory

But anyway, the latest thing we have launched is the MGAM optical business directory. This is a directory for all things related to glasses, from eyewear brands to trade shows.  So for my consumer readers if you are after some new glasses and want to see what is out there then check out the directory.  The same goes for lenses too because there are a few lens companies out there to choose from.

For Opticians who are looking for new brands to buy then again head straight to the directory.

Everyone, don’t forget to mention us when you make contact!

MGAM Business Directory

MGAM Optical Business Directory

All the bands in the directory has been previously featured in the MGAM blog so we have given them all a complementary years inclusion, you are welcome!

There may seem to be a lot of brands on there but remember MGAM has now been going for nearly 4 years and with a blog post a day Monday – Friday it very easily tallies up. So if you see a brand you fancy then you can search the MGAM blog to find out more.

If you are a brand/shop/service and would like to be included in the directory then please get in touch and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have. We don’t want to sound picky but we do check to see if your brand/shop/service is suitable for MGAM readers because we want to maintain the essence of what MGAM is all about!  We don’t want to flood the directory just because we are getting paid, that is not what we are about.

To be included for 1 year is only £75 to have your brand/shop/service in front of thousands of optical professionals and consumers that love their glasses! Please contact us and we can help you further!