First of all readers I want to apologise for not writing yesterday but being nearly 38 weeks pregnant and having a bad cold is really getting to me. All I want to do is sleep because if I go into labour now I am actually unsure how I can breath at all!  I cannot explain how blocked up my nose is and its been like it for nearly 2 weeks now. I just want to sleep and wake up feeling better and I now totally see why women do go on maternity leave about a month before their due date because yeah, we really do need to rest up.

Anyway enough ranting and back to glasses… Have you all heard of the Red Dot award? I personally have not heard of it myself until now but if you work in design or love designing things then you are probably aware of it. It is a renowned design competition for businesses who want to distinguish their business activities through design and it is an international award so to win is quite a big deal!

Any business can enter of course and there are different categories. For 2015 Silhouette eyewear was one of the winners of the Red Dot award! How amazing is it that an eyewear brand has won a design award? I think a lot of the time wearers/consumers forget that glasses are indeed a design piece. They are not just there on our face to serve a medical purpose. All frames are designed to serve an ergonomic purpose which is to fit our face properly and it may not look like much but some frames are very cleverly designed.  It is a shame when consumers don’t realise this and just think “oh, just another pair of glasses”.

Here is the winning Silhouette Titan ONE frame…

The Titan One silhouette Frame

The Titan ONE silhouette Frame

The Titan One Frame Close up

The Titan ONE Frame Close up

Some people may look at this frame and think what is so special about it? It is just a piece of metal and a set of lenses. Well…  the frames are made from one-piece of titanium. Experts have described the frames as ‘State of the art’ and ‘An impressive piece of design engineering.’ On top of that a panel of Red Dot judges also said the use of quality materials, hand finished precision and an exemplary aesthetic design are the key parts which contributed to Silhouette winning the award.

It is absolutely refreshing to see an eyewear brand winning this award because I think a lot of the time people do forget eyewear is a design piece and a lot of thought goes into them. It is like designing clothes, shoes, bags etc.. you get the picture. The Titan ONE is made in Austria involving 170 steps to create the unique frames, not to mention years of research and development. The Titan ONE Signature collection is available now in limited quantities. Only 4,000 pieces have been produced (to be repeated annually). If you want to get your hands on this design piece then my advice would be to check out their website and see if your local opticians who stock Silhouette will be able to get their hands on a pair for you!